Take advantage of all-inclusive editing services that include:

Comprehensive Editing – Your entire dissertation is thoroughly critiqued and edited for content, organization, structure, and grammar. We also ensure 100% accuracy and proofread your tables, figures, and graphs. Our goal is not just the approval of your study, but also the submission of a completely exceptional manuscript.

Full-Service Academic Editing – Our highly-experienced editing staff is well-versed in editing everything from coursework submissions and class papers to proposals, concept papers, prospectuses, final dissertations, and more.

Reference Updating – Since many students attend school part-time and therefore work on their dissertation for over a year at a time, many references may become outdated. So, as a cautionary measure, we make sure each and every one of your references meets your school’s age requirements.

A Rigorous References/Citation Confirmation Process – We go through your references & citations one-by-one making sure they meet specific school & style requirements. We also scan for any missing references throughout your entire dissertation protecting your study from any suggestions of plagiarism.

Preparation for Journal Publication – For academic students aiming for journal publication, we validate each & every requirement from the specific journal. Moreover, this in-depth review includes getting acquainted with successful submissions from the targeted journal to verify writing style choices ensuring your study gets published.