Whether you are in the beginning, middle, or end of your thesis, we offer a wide variety of dissertation services.

No matter what stage(s) of your dissertation you require help with, not only do we help you get your dissertation approved, but we also help you surpass the expectations of all your advisors & colleagues.

Topic selection & concept paper/prospectus assistance – Our vastly experienced PhD staff works with you to analyze possible topics and write up a concept paper/prospectus to quickly get your study concept approved. We also help conduct pilot tests if necessary.

Introduction development – We help you timely complete the introduction chapter by establishing your research questions and hypotheses. We also work with you to devise the significance of your study and all required aspects of your study’s initial chapter.

Investigating relevant studies & developing your literature review – We have full access to hundreds of databases as well as libraries, and we are highly skilled at operating complex database searches to find germinal & seminal works you may miss. We then help you structure and complete your entire literature review.

Crafting your research methodology – At this stage, we help you with all aspects of establishing and writing your research methodology. We help you define research variables, form research questions, establish a testable hypothesis, and determine your analysis strategy.

Implementing qualitative and quantitative analyses – We are extremely well-versed with almost any analysis as well as statistical software to help you implement detailed statistical or qualitative analysis and fully complete your analysis chapter.

Defense Preparation – We help you comprehensively prepare for your defense that includes PowerPoint and mock defense sessions. We will get you to pass the first time and save you thousands in potential tuition costs. Furthermore, we will fully revise your entire dissertation before the defense.